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Useful tehnical information

                 If you need to choose from many companies producing PVC joinery, we provide you some technical information to help you make the right decision .  In over 17 years since manufacturing windows, we  checked and selected the best materials, so that the final  products to be reliable.  This is in the interest of INTECH also, decreasing service costs, taking into consideration that the profiles guarantee is 10 years and 5 years for thermal insulation glass.  Also, this helps in keeping the company's image.  In 2005, after the inspection by qualified representatives of REHAU AG,  INTECH won " Rehau Qualitatszertificat” , which certifies compliance with all quality standards of REHAU AG from Germany .  In 2007 the quality management system implemented in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 system was  certified by  TÜV Rheinland.


INTECH uses in producing PVC windows profiles of REHAU systems . For example, one of the  systems  is  with rounded  sash with  thickness of 80mm and 70mm the frame and mullion. Thus the sash (the moving part of the window) stands out from the frame, protecting the joinery from  rain, frost and solar radiation. Also, for a better seal of the balcony doors , can be applied  an aluminum protective threshold.  Fittings are from galvanized steel with minimum thickness of 1.5 mm. REHAU is the leading European PVC market, certificated according to EN ISO 9001:2008. The thermal transfer coefficient is between 1.1 and 1.7 W/m²K. If exposed to open flame the profiles burn, after the removal of the source of fire, they have the ability to   auto-destroy . The average life span for white PVC profiles is 25 years.


The German hardware WINKHAUS is situated  in the top, due to the safety functionality   and  its reliability. INTECH has introduced several hardware security system (1st degree), which makes almost impossible to force the windows from the outside, substantially reducing the risk of burglary. For constructions where is necessary a higher degree of safety (2nd degree) may be used  SECUSTIK Hoppe handles, preventing the handle and hardware forcing from exterior. The  average life of hardware is 15,000 cycles.


Microventilation mechanism is an optional feature, but very useful, which allows  savings of the heating agent and  avoids condensation and mold production, because of the better optimization of the ventilation process.

The fittings from the profiles are galvanized. The type of used fittings is chosen according to the required moment of inertia Ix, Iy calculated by a computer soft  and  according to the Know-How provided by REHAU AG from Germany.

                 The thermal insulating Float glass is of 24 mm  for PVC and 20mm for Aluminium, with a thermal transfer coefficient K = 2.6 W/m²K  and 89% light transmission. To the  customer request,  we offer  Float LOW-E Premium glass + Argon, with a  transfer coefficient K = 1.0 W/m²K  and 79% light transmission.  It gives extra thermal protection, and extra energy saving. Durring the summer period it also protects from outside heating.

                 Often the rooms in which we live are smaller  than we want.  For a better use of space INTECH produces  sliding doors and windows. This system can be used for  interior doors, where there is not enough open space or for cabinet door , dressings, balconies.

EPDM gaskets are an important factor contributing to the quality, durability and especially to the window seals. In comparison to  PVC or rubber gaskets, the EPDM gaskets have the advantage of increased resistance to environmental factors (do not "bake") and remain flexible at low temperatures in winter. The screws used are supplied by WÜRTH. Mounting screws are 7mm thickness. The insulation between window and wall is made by injecting foam coat with professional gun injection. The quality of the final product is similar to a product with the same characteristics produced in Germany.
                 Aluminium joinery is done with Profilco profiles and can be with or without thermal barrier.


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